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Daniel Harson Morcombe (the second) moved to Pembroke Dock around 1825.

Large families were common during this period, leading to a rapid growth in population for the country as a whole. Both Daniel Harsons certainly played their part to support this trend.
Daniel Harson, the second died on 17th March 1840 aged 42. Mary, nee Nicholson lived on another 30 years. She was 69 when she died on 13th February 1870. Both are buried in the Park Street cemetary in Pembroke Dock.

Their son, Joseph Haley became a draper and married Catherine Thomas, a milliner, at St. John's Church on 2 November 1851. There were no children and Catherine died on 15th October 1866. On 4th January 1869 Joseph married Catherine Lawrence in St. Ann's church in Dublin. Fortunately for us, Joseph and Catherine had one son, Daniel Victor Morcombe who was born on 27th February 1870, a few days after his father's 48th birthday. Catherine Lawrence died in 1907 and Joseph Haley died on 12th September 1910 at the grand age of 88.

Of Daniel Harson's other children, the only record of Frederick found so far, is his birth. The next two sons, John (b. 6th June 1826) and Charles (b. 17th December 1828) both became shipwrights. John remained single and kept the family going after his father's untimely death. Charles married Maria Taylor at Bassaleg, west of Newport in Monmouthshire, on 30th October 1849. His granddaughter, Mary was my mother. William Henry was another draper. He died aged 81 on 24th February 1916 and was buried at the Congregational Church at Rodborough, Gloucestershire.

Mary Ann Nicholson Morcombe separated from her husband John Eastlake whom she married in 1867 and ran her own school at 22 Charlton Place, in Pembroke Dock. All we know about the last child of DH, the second, is that he was also called Daniel and was born on 16th September 1839. Daniel Victor, followed in his father's footsteps and became a draper. He married Mary Ann Morcombe of Bromley by Bow on 9th January 1911 at St. John's church. They both died in 1930, Mary aged 48 (15th September) and Daniel at the age of 60 (3rd December). They had two children, Victor Joseph Morcombe, born on 14th December 1911 and Charles Henry who was born on 3rd March 1917 and died five days later.



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