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Born 24-12-1937 Pembroke Dock
Married #1 27-Jan-1962 Patricia Hilary Kemp. Divorced 20-Mar-1986.
Married #2 29-Apr-1986 Maria Ines Heredia


David Morcombe 1962   Meriden, Warwickshire
Simon Morcombe 1964   Bishop Auckland
Andrew Morcombe 1966   Newton Aycliffe
Gareth Morcombe 1973   Belfast


Peter Morcombe 30-Oct-1986   Brussels
Kevin Morcombe 19-Dec-1993   Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Peter married Patricia Kemp, of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire in 1962 at the Coventry, (UK) registry office. They had four children. Peter and Patricia were divorced in Flemington, New Jersey, U.S.A. in 1986. Patricia was a nurse and returned to that profession after the divorce.

Peter married Maria Ines Heredia of Bogota, Colombia in Staten Island, New York. They have two sons. Maria was a secretary in ITT, a multinational corporation.

When Peter was attending Cheltenham College, his career plan was to join the RAF but he was rejected on medical grounds so his next plan was to get a college degree. He studied at Pembroke College, Cambridge where he obtained a 2:1 in Physics and an honors degree in Electrical Engineering. Peter worked as an engineer in telecommunications, computers and lasers. His career included setting up a food factory in Northern Ireland and a fish farm in Maine. His last job prior to retiring in 2002 was at Duke University where he helped build FELs (Free Electron Lasers) based on high energy electron accelerators.

In his spare time Peter worked to improve public education, setting up six charter schools in the process. As a result of the notoriety arising from his education reform activities he was asked to run for the North Carolina state senate but got handily beaten by Eleanor Kinnaird even though her politics are well to the left of Karl Marx.

Since retirement Peter roamed around Florida and Latin America with Ines while working part time instructing Verizon technicians in the wonders of fiber optics. Peter still plays golf (badly) with the aim of getting down to a 12 handicap in his 70th year, this being twice his lowest handicap. He plays bridge and likes Sudoku. Peter has finally found a Linux operating system (Ubuntu) that works well with his multi-room PVR (Personal Video Recorder) system.

June 2003, from top left:

  • Andrew, Michaela, PJ, Jay, Peter
  • Gareth, Kevin, Debra & Nicolas, Simon & Jeremy

2002: PJ, Ines, Peter, Jay, Kevin








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