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Daniel Harson Morcombe's parents moved to Stoke Demerel before the USA was founded in 1776.

Our ancestor, William Morcombe, started as a shoemaker in St. Germans and his first child,
Daniel Harson Morcombe, was born in St. Germans, but his two younger children were born in Stoke Damerel, Plymouth, which indicates that he had found employment there, probably in the Dockyard. The incumbent was not too hot on spelling. Look at all the different ways he has spelt the surnames of the five children of John Morcom and his wife Joan.

Certainly, this Daniel Harson was in the Dockyard working as a house carpenter when he married Mary Jackman, who came from Ashburton, on 22nd July 1796 at Stoke Damerel. Daniel Harson got his christian names from his grandmother Joan's younger brother who hailed from St. Germans. It is convenient for us to call this one ``the first'', a carpenter, because he had his second son christened Daniel Harson too, and as DH the second was a joiner, it is difficult to tell them apart otherwise.

There was yet another Morcombe, Anthony Morcombe, who probably took over the shoemaking business, and he got married to yet another local girl called Elizabeth Serjeant at St Germans on 18th March 1811, but he does not feature in our main family chain.

Daniel Harson and Mary Jackman had seven children all of whom were born in Plymouth. The two eldest sons, William and Daniel Harson (the second) were both married in Plymouth. The last four children were christened in the James Street United Brethren or Moravian Church, showing that religious freedom had happened by the beginning of the 19th century.

Daniel Harson, the second, married Mary Nicholson of Lostwithiel on 26th January 1821 at East Stonehouse. They had eight children of which only Joseph Haley, our ancestor and his younger brother Frederick were born in Plymouth. Daniel moved his family to Pembroke Dock around 1825.


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