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I work on Sudoku puzzles the old fashioned way (pencil and paper) and sometimes make stupid mistakes. Being too impatient to wait for the solution in tomorrow's newspaper, I created a spreadsheet program as a training aid. Since using this approach my proficiency rapidly improved to the point that the spreadsheet program is seldom needed.

The spreadsheet allows you to mark rows and columns or individual cells by clicking on them while holding down the "Control" button. This makes it easy to eliminate the cells that cannot contain the target number. The spreadsheet also displays the numbers missing from each row, column, 3x3 box and individual cell.

Here is the spreadsheet for the standard 9x9 puzzle.

I am working on other variants of the Sudoku puzzle, including the 16x16 and the triple 9x9 puzzle that is popular in Latin America.

The above files are in Sun Open Office (.ods) format. A free download of Sun Open Office can be obtained from from

If you prefer to use Microsoft Excel, here is an .xls file for the standard 9x9.


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